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Monday, September 24, 2007

Hostility to wards the Government.....pooordah

Nazri branded the Bar Council’s plan to hold a march on Wednesday to press for investigation into the scandal as an attempt to display ‘hostility’ and as support of the opposition. He says, “Lawyers are officials of the court, they have a place in the society. They shouldn’t behave like the opposition.”

He further says, “If they want to stoop so low and go there like opposition demonstration, certainly they will lose my respect because I have been having a very good relationship with the Bar.

Mr. Minister, you are dead wrong. Yes lawyers are officers of the court and as such owe a duty to protect the courts from being used as blardieeeeee tool to some very unscrupulous and irresponsible people. The judiciary must be free and independent from the government. The judiciary is the bulwark of civil liberties. AND that has to be respected.

The Bar Council is not being hostile but basically wanting to protect what that has been a disgrace to the community and society. In fact the government should and must confront this root of evil and do something positive. As such what the Chairperson of the Malaysian Bar says is true that the Malaysian Bar stands up for justice. It is non-partisan and only issue orientated. Justice is for all people, regardless of political persuasions and that the present situation is a matter of justice, AND not politics.

As such I hope the Minister can just at this point of time think as a person not affiliate with party politics.

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