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Monday, September 3, 2007

The Role of the Monarchy per HRH Raja Dr Nazrin Shah

I can't help but to post this below, taken from Raja Nazrin Shah, the Raja Muda of Perak on the role of the monarchy today. He suggested that the role of the Monarchy is different from that of yesteryears. And what he Highness say is so true. That they are above politics. Contributing to public life by redefining their role as that "of helping to uphold justice, maintain peace and resolve conflicts between contending parties, in much the same way as judges serve society".

His Highness also states that the monarchy strengthens the institutions of governance and enhances, rather than detracts from, the democratic process. They symbolises the virtue of he identity, continuity, unity and strength. It is a symbol of unity because it is a focal point for citizens of all races, religions and political persuasions to rally around. And it is a symbol of strength because it exemplifies the virtues of justice, mercy and honour. Contrary to some opinion, the Malaysian monarchy is not all form and no function. As a result of that they have a larger role to play in developing a society of understanding.

His Highness also bring the monarch in memory lane whereby, many monarchies around the world have disappeared because Rulers took their status as a divine right to some even liken a demigod right rather than a responsibility. They did not bother to re-evaluate and reinvent their roles as guardians of the welfare of their subjects and, not surprisingly, did not retain the public's acceptance and trust. Monarchies came to be closely associated with autocracy, megalomania, tyranny, cruelty and feudalism.

For the monarchy in Malaysia to continue to function effectively as one of the main national axes around which society pivots, it must remain fresh and vital by fulfilling the role expected of it. It is an often overlooked or under-appreciated fact that the monarchy in Malaysia is supposed to play a productive role by being a healthy check and balance in the system of governance. The Federal Constitution mandates the monarchy to be the guardian of the just rule of law, an impartial arbiter in the democratic process and an overseer over the pillars of state. Some believe that the Rulers are supposed to do so only in a purely ceremonial sense, but Raja Nazrin argued that this contradicts the true spirit of the Federal Constitution.

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