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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Goblok making Goblok Statement

He is the one who started the goblok statement and indeed he is more goblok than any others. Yes I am talking about Zam Zam. I find it weird of his accusation against the Sun newspaper. For me, at least the Sun is being fair to all not just the Opposition and NGO but the government compare to RTM and all the government media that are always lopsided and all praise for the government using it to promulgate the agendas of the government only. Just because the Sun is reporting fairly that does not mean that they are against the government. The news media must be objective and independent. Having said that it has to be complemented with freedom of religion.

Stupid and real stupid or rather more goblok. No wonder words spoken from people like him shows nothing but stupidity.


© The Sun (Used by permission)

PETALING JAYA (Sept 3, 2007): Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin attacked theSun for a second time today after launching Bernama's all-news radio station Radio24.

Last week, Zainuddin, who was once editor-in-chief of Utusan Malaysia, had accused theSun of promoting the concept of Malaysian Malaysia, of being anti-Malay and sympathetic to the Democratic Action Party (DAP).

He made the accusation and took exception to Gerakan adviser and Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik describing theSun as the only newspaper that is truly non-racial in its news reporting.

Today, besides repeating his allegations that theSun was pro-DAP, he also said the newspaper supports Parti Keadilan and gave too much space to the views of young people.

"He who is a supporter of Keadilan, those whose positions are against the government, youngsters, they will get a place in theSun," Zainuddin said.

"Are they [theSun] the voice of DAP or Keadilan? I don't know."

He also attacked internet bloggers and newspapers which treat bloggers as a source of information.

"I don't understand why some newspapers want to project some of these websites as being crucial [and claim that they are] read by six million people.

"Who are these six million? Foreigners? Are they read by people who determine the political power in this country?" he asked.

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