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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Eye of Malacca part 2

Come August, Malacca will have a new tourist attraction. Yes, the Eye of Malacca. It will be located in muara Sungai Melaka at a land in Kota Laksamana. Just by the sea. Hmmmm..... what does this Eye made off? It must be steel or Iron or plastic plated on Iron or whatever. By the sea, don't you think it will RUST. I wander.

Anybody can correct me....

Datuk Seri, betul ke nak spend wang begitu banyak?


sebol said...

Singapore Flyer also tepi laut.

Damian 'Baba' Yeo (杨胜利) said...

hmmmm nampaknya Ali dan rombongannya akan pergi ke singapure makan angin untuk tengok ada rust ke tidak. Mungkin kena guna anti-rust untuk Eye kita

sebol said...

Then Melaka State Gov investment arm will invest on company which manufacture WD-40.


Anonymous said...

The word "maintenance" is a very rare word found in our local government.

Another thingy is that some people known how to collect money but when come to payment for mainentance buat tak tau...

The EYE can even be made up of titanium but without regular maintenance it will still fall a part.