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Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Goblog" Ali Rustam

Ali Rustam has become a 'goblog' with his blog title "Dari Kacamata Mohd Ali Rustam". I have read some of his articles though heart wrenching as he spoke from his kacamata, he speaks ONLY from UMNO's perspective and not as a Malaysian as a whole thus missing a grave point. It is in my opinion a delusion of Ali Rustam aka the Senior Vice President of UMNO, according to Malaysia-Today

In his article "Kembalilah Keperjuangan Asal" I am a bit sceptical of the overview of UMNO as it is a Malay base party fighting only for the rights of Malay. Historically UMNO has fought for the many events that went against Malay namely Malayan Union, NEP etc. However as time flies and as globalisation become more real and competitive or I must a say a THREAT, UMNO themselves must change and not just going back to their original establishments. I must applaud the founder of Dato Onn Jaafar for having that vision to open up UMNO for all races but unfortunately or fortunately, depending on who's kacamata, the proposal was not accepted. Whatever the reasons, let bygones be bygones.

However after the 12th general election, UMNO or Barisan Nasional witness a defeat that they can't imagine. For the first time after 1969 they lost their 2/3 in Parliament and by the 9th March 2008 except Kelantan, they lost 4 states and the Federal Territory. Of the 4 states, two of it contributed handsomely to federal.

Whilst reading his 2nd article, allow me to quote from his article the following statements made by him.

"Saya khuatir ketika kita sibuk berbincang soal kemelut dalaman parti, rakyat akan jemu dan kecewa dengan kita dan akhirnya kita kehilangan kuasa. Jika ini berlaku, semuanya tidak akan bermakna lagi!"

This is something very unhealthy. "berbincang soal kemelut dalaman parti" in my opinion must be handled, properly. The problem with UMNO is the denial syndrome and the race base politics and rhetoric by their own leaders. Even the Senior Vice President of UMNO himself made detrimental statements that also affect the credibility of UMNO and BN especially in the PPP Malacca General Assembly.

UMNO must redefine and that redefining is urgent. Internal party discussion is a must to see the direction of UMNO in Malaysia. The future in UMNO is determined by the leaders of UMNO. As it takes a good captain to run the ship

"Jadi saya berharap semua barisan UMNO agar kembali ke perjuangan asal bagi mendapatkan sokongan rakyat dan merapatkan barisan. Itu yang paling penting. Kita perlu sentiasa berwaspada dan jangan membuang masa dengan berbincang perkara yang tidak menguntungkan. Kita tidak mahu menang sorak tapi kampung tergadai kerana pada masa itu, semuanya sudah terlambat."

I beg to differ with his view. I think UMNO should engage constructively in constant discussion with everybody and that includes members from Pakatan Rakyat. UMNO is seen to many as ARROGANT and RACIST. How is the rakyat supporting a party that base only along racial lines and telling everybody that they are correct.

As such there must be active discussion by UMNO if they want to regain public confidence of the non Malay. Shutting MCA, MIC, Gerakan and all the coalition partners from active discussion attracts the wrath of the people. The "four-eyes talk" and work behind the scene, stab the coalition partners until they bleed. How are they to serve the people if they can't even talk and speak. Nothing but the concept of fear and pressure in the administration of the BN government and state government. All is LOST.

That is why Dato Chua Jui Meng in TV3 after the defeat, states that a silent politician is not a politician and as such I totally agree with his view on politicians.

So in order to regain public perspective, UMNO and BN must change it ways.


Anonymous said...

Currently, these UMNO leaders still very self-centred and concern about their personal and cronies' interest. The fighting about Malay interest is only a deception which deceives the poor and kampong Malays. UMNO is going to the dog unless AAB wakes up from his slumber and command all his UMNO ministers to zip their mouths or sack most of them. All rakyats must be strong and demand the change. Pakatan Rakyat is the beginning and I believe it is a testing time for this coaliation.
Let's hope for this awakening time
and the Almighty to reinvent this present government. God Bless Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Kindly be informed that the blog has been updated and the address has changed to
The latest posting titled Pengantin Lama, Pengantin Baru invites comments as it mentions Lim Guan Eng's action in Penang to increase the allowance of agama school teachers.