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Friday, April 25, 2008

"something new and groundbreaking"

Gua caya sama lu Guan Eng.... this is how baba like me speaks, in very broken Malay. Nicely put. Taken from the Star yesterday. His statement alone speaks of a real leader. Appointing clean and hard working people without considering political affiliation, race, religion and all. This is what the Chief Minister says below:

"Are we going to grow up and grow out of the outdated mindset? The time has come to look at the content of character rather than colour of skin or the gods you pray to or the respective political beliefs that you hold..."

He further commented that there should not be discrimination against someone based on political party he or she was from.

That is so true. BN leaders must grow up (jadi matanglah) and grow out (tepikan) outdated mindset and see a bigger picture. Again, I must say, it is for the people. For me I rather appoint people that can work rather than dead woods that would just warmth the seat for another five years or until they are toppled.

Policies by BN under the so called "Spirit of BN" is nothing but a policy of arrogance, full of stupidity and out dated. No wonder we are all still living as we just got our independence.


Letting the time pass me by said...

Yes... It is time to champion the spirit of Rakyat... We must promote those people who have high integrity, trust, honesty and sincerety...

TsuChong said...

50 years konon, but still childish and not sporting haha.

That's the prob also la. They don't elect people based on capabilities and merit, but instead prefer to choose their "geng".

How to selamat aman makmur like that?