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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ex Minister investigated?

It was reported in the Sun newspaper that a police report was lodge by a hotel restaurant waitress accusing the Ex Minister of molesting her at her workplace. It was also reported that he is a Datuk Seri in his 50s'.

Now what is more interesting in the report is that, the news reported that he was the one at about two years ago, whilst still a Cabinet Minister, made disparaging remarks on the ethnicity of a Malaysian female student during his visit to a university in the United States. He later apologised to the student after word of the incident was spread through emails (power of the internet)

Now who can that be? There are currently eight ex Cabinet Minister that has a Datuk Seri, oops of course there is still an ex ex Cabinet Minister, Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek. But nevertheless I believe it is not him as on the time of reporting he is not in OVERSEAS. So who?

1) Ong Kah Ting
2) Azmi Khalid
3) Tengku Adnan
4) Radzi Sheikh Ahmad
5) Jamaluddin Jarjis
6) Samy Velu
7) Lim Keng Yaik
and not forgetting Rafidah Aziz

I am not guessing.


joshua said...


maybe samy - brickfields is mainly dominated by indians

but then again, i'm not guessing either.

i wonder why he (whoever he may be) want to molest in public when he could have done a 'chua soi lek'!

Anonymous said...

Its no.5..rompin....