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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Malaysia got money meh?

I saw an excellent thought by my friend Maverick SM's piece and do allow me to do some cut and paste here. I am actually more interested in Maverick's part on our super corridors. Issue : Do we really have the money OR it is just a political ploy to fish for votes before the election.

Now the election is over and gone, will the federal government able to fulfilled it's promises with so many corridors declared at almost the same time. Not only that we have the Iskandar Corridor but we have the North, East and West corridors all over Malaysia.

Now hearing that there are no funds available for the second apace mission and the recent announcement by the Prime Minister that 9 Malaysia Plan may have to be delayed due to escalating costs. I wonder, why didn't the Prime Minister and the federal government foresee that cost will rise. As all prudent managers and administrators, the interest of the organisation is paramount.

As such the federal government should not be over ambitious in wanting to do this and that. AND since now cost is a concerned, the federal government will be shelving many projects and on the casualty list is the construction of a vital second bridge linking Penang to peninsular Malaysia.

According to the Prime Minister there were a number of reasons for the Penang 2nd Bridge project delay and they are the need to acquire the land needed to develop the project and the cost as the prices for materials have gone up.

I find this rather amusing. And I agree with SM Maverick's view of which I quote, "When this 2nd bridge project was mooted way back in 1996 the budgeted cost was around RM2 billion and should Mahathir had carried out this project at the same time as the KLIA project we could have saved RM5.5 billion. But then Mahathir rather have Twin Tower, Star and Putra LRT and another RM10 billion for Putrajaya, Wetland project, Cyber Entertainment Village, etc."

This shows short-sightedness of the federal government. They rather spend for the unnecessary projects rather than the seeing the plights of the people. This is where the federal government fails to work for the fifty years since Merdeka.

Can I now trust the Prime Minister?

1 comment:

Jeffkhoo said...

2nd Penang bridge on hold, bullet train from KL to S'pore KIV or self, i don't know. Our PM or the Ministers always promise the rakyat before the election this and that, but when they loses, they will say anything to delay this and that.

It is really a flip flop world in Malaysia as nothing is certain as it boil down to who or whom it benefits, it is always political with money intent involved all this while since 50 years ago until now....

It will never be improved at all until the day I leave this place I call 'HOME'.

Good luck to me and the rest of you......