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Monday, May 19, 2008

Blackout in Duyong Part 2

A candlelight dinner for two in Duyong. Very romantic just for everybody who stays at the vicinity of Semabok Dalam right to Family Store at Duyong. Especially the month of May, three times deep blackout. Either everybody in Duyong fail to pay their electric bills on time or a power tripped due to unforeseen circumstances. Well that is what our TNB boys will always singing the same tune once when there is a blackout.

Yes, again the same ole same. The fifth blackout in Duyong after the general elections. I am wondering whether are we living in the 21st century or at zaman batu purba where we used fire to light up our gua. But what da hack.... Malaysia Boleh.

Now let me put up the dates for all to see...

23rd March 2008
21st April 2008
15th May 2008
18th May 2008
19th May 2008

May must be a hantu month for Duyong. Oi Gan Tian Lu, can do something ar? Sudah jadi YB and exco dah diam kah? Apa ni? Sorak sikit kepada TNB lah. Or at least somebody must face the sack. This is too much. School children is taking their exams. College students are also taking their exams. So pleaseLAH do something.

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