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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No specific allegation against Sultan, says Karpal

By Royce Cheah (the Star)

KUALA LUMPUR: Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh said he did not make any specific allegation against the Sultan of Selangor and that the Royal Court of Selangor should not be over-hasty in making remarks against him.

"I never did; there was no specific allegation against him," he said.

Karpal Singh was referring to a rebuke by the Royal Court on Monday which said that his statement was baseless, unfounded and irresponsible.

In response, Karpal Singh said there was no specific allegation against the Sultan of Selangor although he did say the pressure was mounting in Selangor.

"My statements were only specific to Terengganu and Perlis where the Ruler insisted in appointing the Mentri Besar of his choice, and they succeeded," he said.

He also said that the Royal Court should look into what was said in 1993 by the then Mentri Besar, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, who said: "It is also to ensure that in the future, Rulers do not interfere with the affairs of the state, especially those relating to transfers of civil servants, and official functions."

Karpal Singh said the remarks were made by Muhammad in alluding to the necessity of amending the State Constitution of Selangor after the amendments were made to the Federal Constitution taking away the immunity of the Rulers in relation to legal liability and the setting up of the Special Court.

On comments by Selangor state assembly speaker and DAP central executive committee (CEC) member Teng Chang Khim that Karpal Singh acted with lack of political wisdom in choosing to publicly question the Sultan of Perak's actions, Karpal Singh said he did not wish to dignify Teng's remarks with a reply.

"He said he would be at the CEC meeting on Monday night to explain his remarks, but he did not present himself. I wonder why he did not come."

Karpal Singh also said he did not see why he should have an audience with the Sultan of Perak especially when he made a statement backed by law.

"I still maintain that the Sultan had no right to direct the state government to reinstate the Perak Religious Department head Datuk Jamry Sury.

"It is not a seditious statement but a legal matter and I do not know why it has been blown completely out of proportion," he said.

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