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Friday, May 16, 2008

Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional as Federal Government

I am so fed up to answer the same old song everytime when people will come up to me and ask the damn same question (sometimes the same old people) whether DAP-PKR-PAS can govern the country or the state. Or whether can the Pakatan Government able to lead this country or the state. I am even more shock to hear some even went as far as showing sense of regret for voting Pakatan Rakyat just because they wanted to deny the 2/3 in Parliament. Anyway, my same old answer is "GIVE THEM A CHANCE". Vote them out if they don't progress in the next five years.

Be that as it may, in the past 50 years did the Dacing ever score big in good governance and administration? Well the only thing I know is that there are more harm than good and yet we are still surviving. Meaning, kita boleh tahanlah. Tahan serangan kerajaan Barisan Nasional. I must say that we are more slaves than master of our land. Worst thing is that we were taught to be afraid of the government by our teachers who are members of the government kakitangan. That made us slaves. Born to be slaves.

Now what are the problems our dear government did for the past 50 years? Senangje. I think every Tom Dick and Harry boleh answer. Maybe I should just list down some of it and maybe, just maybe let us pause for awhile to see whether Pakatan Rakyat should just take over and improve it.

(1) Independence of the judiciary. That was breached, clearly seen in 1988 involving the sacking of Tun Salleh and his brother judges. I remember this clearly as it is part of the syllabus all law student seluruh dunia blajar..

(2) Our Federal Constitution - RAPED. Yes by our BN MPs supposed to defend the constitution but voted in amending more than 45 times and more than 650 minor amendments that makes a mockery of the most sacred piece of document. The last amendment was of course the extending of one year the SPR Chairman age of retirement.

(3) Little Napoleon - Bad enforcement officers whether it's Majilis Bandaraya/Local Councils or religious department. A little power sudah jadi raja. That makes a mockery of our Minister who themselves don't know what happen under their nose.

(4) Rampant Corruption - I am still waiting. What happen to our 18 high profile case that dear Rais Yatim once told us? I think this area, banyak orang pun tau dah, tak payah lah nak cakap seperti Istana Zakaria, open corruption in Malacca State government, money politics in UMNO and even in elections etc

(5) Police brutality and abuse of powers - that one just happened in Malacca against DAP YBs. Tak payah lagi nak cakap.

(6) NEP that is laced with corruption, nepotism and cronyism - semua dia punya orang. Projek pun dia jugak.

(7) Racial politics and even now (sehingga kini) the use of May 13 threat. What da stupidest thing to say. Sometimes I don't understand this idiot leaders who are leaders of yesteryears.

(8) Barang Naik - as usual barang naik. Petrol naik, raw material naik...semua jenis naik tapi gaji masih sama.

(9) Nasi tak cukup - I seriously want to know what is our stock pile NOW? I am afraid it could only last us for a few months.

(10) One sided news especially from RTM and TV3. Semua ampu kerajaan kow kow. Nothing but praises to the federal government.

(11) UMNO Youth - still believing in racial politics and acting like a gangster type menaces. I think they forgotten about Kerismuddin. No wonder Tun Dr. Mahatir did once said "Melayu cepat lupa"

(12) Freedom of religion at stake? What happen to the many Hindu temples that was demolished.

(13) Freedom to assemble though guaranteed by our Constitution- a mockery now. The Police Act and some other laws are there to curb and charged illegal assembly. Funny Malaysia?

(14) Draconian and outdated laws such as the Internal Security Act (ISA), Printing Presses Act, Official Secret Act, Sedition Act, University College Act dan ada lagi....

(15) Hmmmm we are still living in the time of Emergency as the Emergency Ordinance is still enforced - what a crap

(16) Flooding and bad drainage system in almost all parts of Malaysia. Sikit-sikit hujan, sudah banjir sampai ke lutut.

(17) Failed NS project that spend berbillion ringgit resulted to many death in camps nationwide.

(18) Mega projects everywhere and yet poverty is seen almost everywhere.

(19) Highway toll hikes - sudah jadi kebiasaan. In Hokkien they call it Bo Pian....

(20) Crime rate steadily went up and up. Hmmm police prefer to make arrest on Opposition leaders rather than hard core criminals.

(21) Immigration problems especially in Sabah. Worst still they become citizen just like that...

(22) What about Oil Royalty to state producers....federal yang ambik. I wonder is this fair?

and the list goes on and on. Gua punya mata nak lelap, nak pergi tidur. But I think that is good enough evidence to welcome Pakatan Rakyat as the next federal government.

What say you?


sebol said...

Politik "Winner Take all" sebenarnya tidak bagus.

Apa kata kalau Parti politik Sabah Sarawak keluar dari BN , tanpa menyertai Pakatan Rakyat. Sekadar menafikan majoriti mudah BN

joshua said...


sebol, why not? but then again, govt tak stable...

if pakatan becomes the govt with the majority, then only it will have more power.

even though with a simple majority, the fed govt has already punished Penang, Kedah, Selangor and, apa lagi if the BN govt has 2/3 majority! totally abuse power!