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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Will it take Another 50 years?

YB Salahuddin Ayub (MP for Kubang Kerian) says it's ok with the present school uniforms from an Islamic perspective. Sense and maturity prevails over lack of understanding and emotional outburst. Nevertheless an atmosphere to agree to disagree on issues.

Malaysians lack openness and maturity in debating and talking issues that are sensitive such as race relations, religious tolerance and even difference in ideology. Though we have with us a small issue on school uniform, I know and everyone here knows that there other bigger and hotter issues that are still under the rock. Time can only tell when it will explode. As such it is of importance a detailed and open discussion on those matters.

As such I am all for an open discussion and forums so that Malaysians of all walk of live can have a dialogue. But as far as I can see, this will take another 50 years.

©News Straits Times (Used by permission)

KUALA LUMPUR: The baju kurung worn by schoolgirls is not sexy, Pas said yesterday.

Pas Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub said there was no problem with the present school uniforms from an Islamic perspective.

"As long as the baju kurung is tailored according to the traditional interpretations of the garment and not too tightly, I don't see any problem," he said.

On Wednesday, National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia vice-president Munirah Bahari reportedly said the school uniform worn by schoolgirls was sexy.

Her comments caused a furore among teachers, students as well as various women groups, who said that her claims were baseless.

Munirah said: "The white blouse is too transparent and it becomes a source of attraction", and that it could encourage "rape, sexual harassment and even premarital sex".

Salahuddin said, however, said it was unlikely that the school uniform contributed to such social ills.

"Cases of rape and free sex are not caused by one or two simple factors. Teenagers today are exposed to all kinds of influences, including all sorts of pornographic material because of the borderless nature of information."