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Monday, May 19, 2008

Mahatir's Resignation from UMNO part 1

IT was news but I have anticipated it reading from his recent attacks on UMNO's leadership specifically PM Abdullah. Question was when. It was today (19.5.2008) at 12.35pm. He told a crowd of about 1000 people in Alor Setar, Kedah. Reason : LACK OF CONFIDENCE ON THE LEADERSHIP

Everybody was shocked. Some say it is a tragic move that could destroy UMNO (anyway UMNO is already chaotic). Well that statement is an understatement. Who knows UMNO will regain it's strength when the pain-in-the-a** of the party is no more a member of UMNO. Somebody that is so critical of UMNO's leadership is no more. If I were Pak Lah I would rejoice. Nevertheless TDM is out of UMNO for good. Maybe I should correct this, for awhile. Since he has implied that he will return to UMNO when the leadership is restored.

Anyway what is interesting in his speech is that, he urged other party members to quit too, as a way of pressuring Abdullah into vacating his post. But of course with a caution, "don't join the Opposition".

Let us wait and see. Part 2 will be up and coming after this....


Anonymous said...

I never like this man, I wonder why he is still surviving at all till this date.

A man of no value, racist and power maniac. The whole mess in our system till now is all created him single-handed.

The ketuanan, ISA, judiciary screw-up and the side-lining of non-malays till now, so deeply rooted in the malay mindset that even 3 generations' brain-wash will not be able to wipe clean off malays' grey matter now.

I hope the UMNO fools will not try to stop him from leaving the party. And please let him get lost faster the better.

Anonymous said...

Let put TDM to trial for destroying the integrity of judiciary. Let's wait and see AG got strong balls to bring TDM to court. I believe AG shrunks and he has been TDM's machai. Najib is also another non-commital dongool and control by TDM.
So, let TDM leave UMNO and see AAB dares to be strong to bring TDM to court and expose all the dirty linens of post 1988. It's high time that we rakyats know nothing but the TRUTH and punish those in the wrongs. How to forgive those trouble makers if the truth has not been revealed.
TDM should be charged on Seditious Act for trying to integate the Malays to fight for the Malay Rights. The earlier he is charged, the more peaceful our country would be.
Lastly, As Datuk Sharir advised, Be prapared for another General election soon. So, PR be ready for the washout of the BN for the coming "imminent" elections. AAB is desparate and Najib has been trying to act like "PM in line". So UMNO is hancur this time.
We need a new awakening in Malaysia and new leaders to bring back all the Glory and Integrity.