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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Political Game of Mahatir & Son Private Ltd

I was anxious. Or rather not me alone but everybody in the firm and I believe everybody elsewhere too. The time was 5.30pm (20th May 2008). There were no news still and as usual Streamyx pose a problem to my office until at 6.45pm when the news was finally out. What is that? Mukriz son of Mahatir tak ikut bapak keluar Parti UMNO.

The older did it through a dare (I don't know whether he regret it or not, more so the one that issued the dare is a PAS member and former calon in the recent election). But the younger was smart enough by looking at the surrounding and circumstances. He did not follow his dad. Many anticipated it but I was thinking a little different as I know he will take on the SIL of PM for the UMNO Youth top post. A fight that would see who will lead UMNO Youth in the bleakest day of UMNO.

The SIL will not hesitate to climb the ladder within UMNO so long as PM is still around. But nevertheless, Mukriz son of Mahatir will not allowed this SIL of PM to be what he wants to be. Mukriz son of Mahatir is definitely a stumbling block and a pain in the a** for our friend the SIL of PM. Political pundits feel it will be a battle to watch, a clash of the titans. Looking at history a new team A and team B will suffice. One that will be led by Ku Li and the other by PM. Ku Li's men would definitely be Mukriz son of Mahatir and a running mate in Muyiddin. And I bet you the strategist is none other than Tun himself, VERSUS PM-Najib-Khairy and all the 'kaki bodek' of UMNO which I believe blogees would know siapaLAH. Not I say, but Tun himself say ar.

So in Mahatir leaving UMNO, it will give more opportunity or room for him to manuver

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