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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blame God....again?

Samy oh Samy, blaming God again? You must be so VERY desperate. So VERY desperate that you cannot find anybody except putting and pointing your stupid little finger on God. How could you? Why don't you just do the honourable thing and resign. So damn stupid. You are either making a mockery of yourself or MIC or the Malaysian Government or Malaysia as a whole. Listening what you say everyday makes not only me laugh but I believe everybody.

Serious note : After reading in the Sun today. Two things comes to mind. (1) A good and real contractor will make real good roof. Rain or shine the roof will not give in and will remain as it. (2) Nothing short of an irresponsible Minister. His exclamation in the Sun today was nothing but a cry baby. What he should have done as the Minister in charge of Public Works to make sure that this thing don't repeat. It is such an embarrassment for building such as the Parliament House suffers the agony of being mocked by the people. Leaks in Parliament House is not acceptable. Either the Minister goes or the contractor.

I simply don't understand why we allowing such stupid contractors doing real construction jobs for the government and the public. Should such contractors be screened before they are appointed to do the job. So blaming God for the shoddy work of contractors is so wrong. The Minister should blame himself for appointing such stupid contractor. The Minister should just quit his job and give his job to somebody more qualified than him. Why can't he just rest?

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