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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Poor Teacher

Good that it is settled. But then again will the students ever learn this mistake. Well, I bet you that the students will continue to do it again. It is a culture within themselves. AND Culture are at times difficult to break away. Disciplining school children can be a very difficult task. Worst still when the parents get themselves very involved when their children gets disciplined. Teachers should be given some leeway in disciplining school children of course within the ambit of the given law. My personal view YES for strong discipline. School children needs it. I remember the days of my father, school discipline is paramount. Why not now?

Taken from the Star below:

Forgive us, students ask their teacherKUCHING: The dust has settled on the “pond squat” issue and SMK Bawang Assan school warden Wee Yim Pien has been forgiven.

She has also apologised to the families for forcing some 170 girl boarders into a fish pond last week.

Wee, 27, who is also the school's English teacher, had meted out the punishment after repeated dumping of sanitary pads in the school's toilet bowls.

The school’s parent-teacher association chairman Jimmy Kiu said: “Everybody has forgiven her.”

He added that the parents and the students want the teacher to stay.

“We do not want the students to suffer as the PMR examination is coming. The incident has been settled in good faith.

“It is hoped that it will not be repeated,” added Kiu in a telephone interview from Sibu yesterday.

The PTA arranged a goodwill meeting on Wednesday to mend fences between Wee and the students and parents.

Present at the gathering were school principal Kandon Ngadi, Sibu, division education officer Charles Tion and Education Ministry representative Shashim Shah.

There were hugs and handshakes, which indicated that the episode was over for Wee and her students.

However, Kiu said that the education department would still have to decide if any action would be taken against the teacher.

Shashim said the education department has submitted a report on its investigations to the ministry.

The school has more than 500 students, including 300 boarders.

1 comment:

carboncopy said...

Schools in Malaysia is one of the worst human rights violators.

This is especially the case in sub-urban and rural schools.

Before anyone screw me for looking down on sub-urban and rural schools. I have been to rural area talking to kids, myself is educated in a sub-urban school.