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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Is it getting worst?

I seriously don't know what is the problem with people these days. A month ago we had little Sherway Ong murdered. She was about 4. Then yesterday Malaysians were shocked again with the abuse and murder of another very young child of only 17 months, Chin Shyan Ping. The post-mortem of suspected abuse victim showed that she died of head injuries sustained from a blunt object. Meaning she was beaten. She died as a result of being abused. What a parent? Now they cry for the death of their loved ones. How unfortunate. But whose fault are these?

It's so easy being a parent. Simply, you had sex with your lover in experimenting what adulthood is and there you go, a new life emerge. Immediately after that young couples in their teens get married and experience life as an adult even though they are still children. Where is the sense of responsibility? Sometimes we have more children by accident but without giving them the proper education and a proper place to live, as parents we became irresponsible. Our greatest responsibility is to see our children be successful. If the child fails to be what he suppose to be, that is the failure of the parent. The parent is to be blamed at the outset.

In the Christian world, my belief, sex is wonderful an beautiful consummate between man and wife. A holy matrimony. Where God created man and woman that they may be fruitful and multiply. That was a command by God to Adam and Eve. It creates responsibility and accountability between one another and the offspring. We are commanded to live and to see our generation and the generation to come. As parents we owe a duty to our children that they have good home to live, good education, good meal, good learning experience and the list goes on. Family is stress free and it all surrounded by love and understanding between children and parent.

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