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Monday, July 30, 2007

Goblok hahahahahahaha

"We are the goblok, we are the goblok of the World" (Tune it in your head from "We are the Champion"). I feel like laughing. Ketawa sehingga perut sakit. A Minister, words like that would literally reflect himself. I must salute the alternative media for helping Malaysians to have an open mind. Before the internet we are all like 'katak di bawah tempurung'. All we got was news from the mainstream newspapers singing praises for the government. That the government is a good government. What the government did was for the people etc etc etc. But then again we have all forgotten that corruption is rooted in our society. Everybody wants kick back and a 'makan'. Projects gets bigger and expensive at the expense of the people.

Opposition parties are shut out from the media. Where now shall we go? We just don't want to hear from one party but we want to hear from all sides and every views, whether Government, Opposition, NGOs, Association, Religious groups etc etc. That the alternative media gives us. A voice to cry out and to vent our frustration. It allows space for criticism and argument. We are not kids any more and we do not want to remain a kid.

Why is the government so afraid? There is nothing to be afraid of. If it is defamation to sue the bloggers. Let an all out war in the court of law.


Taken from the Star

Zam: Ignore ‘goblok’ bloggers

MALACCA: The public should be wise in identifying the websites of goblok (Indonesian slang for “stupid”) bloggers, who are willing to be tools of others to destroy the nation, said Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin.

“These writers do not have an Asian mentality but lean towards a Western thinking because they were educated overseas.

“Thus they assume that the Western style of democratic freedom is better. The goblok writers only have their own interests at heart and should be ignored,” he said after launching the Jalur Gemilang Convoy 2007 at Bandar Hilir here yesterday.

Earlier, in his speech Zainuddin said the convoy of 50 four-wheel drive vehicles that would travel throughout Malaysia was important to re-instil the spirit of Merdeka in the people.

He said the participants would be able to see the country’s development throughout their journey.

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