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Monday, July 30, 2007

Is this fair?

The media whether printing or electronics is to provide useful and general information which regards to politics, economy, social and knowledge but no to the extreme of using it for opposition parties bashing. Why is the government so afraid? Are they so afraid that one day the truth will prevail. As the Bible once declared that the "truth will set us free" and indeed we need the truth. We need fairness, integrity, righteousness and justice. Fairness is justice. I was reminded by my jurisprudence lecturer who taught me John Rawls, a prominent American Jurist, in his article Justice as Fairness. It consists of two principles that all have the greatest degree of liberty and that social and economic inequalities be attached to positions open to all under fair equality of opportunity.

How do we like that? Will that happen to Malaysia? Will all be under fair equality of opportunity. I find it hard to read the Star just now on political bashing by our government. The past two days our newspaper reports are reporting about how the government should destroy the opposition. Worst still, to eliminate Opposition parties in Parliament. Maybe the government have forgotten that the Opposition is sometimes refer to like the UK (since we have all adopted the Westminster style of government) as His Majesty's Loyal Opposition. The Opposition are not opposing for the sake of opposing. In fact, the arguments and debates are to be read constructively by all members of Parliament whether government, opposition or independent.

The Opposition are not traitors as the government sees it. The Opposition just wants to see a true and healthy Malaysia. The way I see it, the government is just so afraid of the truth.

Call to crush the opposition

MUAR: The Pagoh Barisan Nasional is working to ensure that opposition candidates contesting in seats within the Pagoh parliamentary constituency are completely “thra-shed.”

Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who is the Pagoh BN chief, said he wanted to see them lose their deposits.

“We want Pagoh to set the benchmark ... that every opposition party which fields candidates lose their deposits,” he said when opening the Pagoh Umno division delegates’ conference yesterday.

So coming back to our mass media, why not it be fair for all parties?

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