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Friday, August 17, 2007

Blessed Birtday Daddy Part 2

Today is my dad’s birthday. If he is still around, we will be celebrating his 68th birthday at his favourite nasi Indian shop, banana curry rice at Jalan Bendahara, Malacca or some nasi kandar at the alley somewhere in Malacca. If you ask me who taught me to eat Indian food, it must be my dad. I was very young when he first brought me to Indian Shop and we eat and eat until our belly went round. But it was satisfying.

Just a little about my dad. He is a gentle and sweet person. Everybody loves him because of his nature. He rarely scolds or raises his temper to his children and I bet readers here that he will be the first to spoilt my son J. Simply put HE IS NICE.

I had the opportunity to work with him in a particular legal firm. He was handling the office account of the firm and I was doing my chambering. We sat on a tank every day to work. My dad loves continental cars. So this tank was a MP6226 Opel Gemini. It was an old tank. We work together four for months before he went to the Lord.

His all time favourite verse in the book of Matthew, “In my Father’s house there are many mansion”. That was the hope he had for heaven in believing in Jesus. He is always a believer of the faith and who trust God on everything. I know at times when we were in dire strait of money, he will just put his trust in the GREAT I AM. He may not have the gift of healing and miracles or a preacher but he has the great gift of faith in his Maker. He is one who loves God and have taught me everything I need to know about the reverent fear of God and respecting the Word of God such as, when you sleep, your leg should not face the Bible or that the Bible should not be on the floor. It has to be treated with a lot of respect, says dad. He may have nothing to give but he left a legacy in me to love and fear my God.

Well that is my dad, a man of few words, and again Blessed Birthday

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