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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Talk Only .... just a show by MCA

No Action Talk Only. A summary from me to the present MCA. Bark now, Hide later without resolving anything but adhere only to their political master, UMNO. It was reported during the MCA Youth Assembly held in Malacca it's Movement chief Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said the spirit of the Constitution must be preserved for a long time for the sake of the future generation and the document must be the reference point. He went on to further said that, “Whenever there is a conflict of opinions about a situation we are not comfortable about, we should refer back to the Constitution.” Maybe I should also state a point that the whole gathering was in Mandarin (so it would be alien to KJ).

A copied and paste words from Raja Nazrin Shah who spoke recently and now our dear friends in MCA suddenly have the limited guts exercise only when the general election is around the corner. In short MCA have nothing except for loud gongs distorting and hiding real facts. Their Ministers (non UMNO) unlike Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, UPKO President, backed out like dogs with their tails in between their legs. That in short described the present MCA.

Will they defend the constitution? I doubt their sincerity. For they will only bow down to their political masters and rice bowls. So what if they wave the constitution (unlike UMNO they wave keris and wanting to use them), will they use it to protect the rakyat regardless of race and religion. Will the MCA able to bring UMNO for a social and open minded discussion that creates healthy environment or rather to toe the line what UMNO says.

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