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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sorry... no cure..

"Sorry... no cure..." this is what we say to our fellow friends during our younger days after a quarrel. This time it is uttered loud and clear by the highest executive rung of this country called the cabinet to our dear friend Wee Meng Chee. Blogees reading this post would know by now Wee Meng Chee aka Namewee created the 'Negarakuku'. Now my opinion.

Before the apology came, there were many calls for him to retract the video clip, apologise, strip his citizenship and of course one particular cuckoo went to an extent to call for the ISA to be used against him. Very uncall for statement by a minister who was a lawyer. I call it cheap publicity. Whatever it is to put the record straight Namewee has apologised. Since he has done so, can we all just call it off and not dwell in the past? But Nay, the cabinet choose to play the game in being so called more patriotic. I think I'm more patriotic than those idiots sitting in high places.

Though some claim Namewee's rap is seditious, I must say that our Education Minister waving the keris and shouts by the floor during the UMNO Assembly are more seditious compare to Namewee's rap. The clear difference between Namewee and our UMNO friends are that Namewee apologised and retracted his YouTube videoclip whereas our UMNO friends to this date have yet to apologise or retract and worst still, said that he will used again, brandishing his keris. That in my opinion is more seditious than Namewee's rap. This in my opinion is seditious and ought to be booked and prosecuted. But will that happened, with such bias police and prosecution, the most evil will be set free. What a Merdeka celebration...

I must say that though it is seditiously in nature, I find some truth in what he rapped about. And matters that he rapped, the Malaysian public can justify it especially regarding corruption in the police force. You can wear batch saying "Saya Anti Rasuah" but then again, these mata-mata will ask in broad daylight for what they usually call "Cari Makan". I must say not only the blardeeee police but the civil service as well. Every damn thing can be bought with a price as nothing is free. What a blardeeee crap...

Datuk Seri Nazri says that he has created an offence against the nation, that for me is a mere political statement by a minister as I believe Malaysians in general will not take it as something very offensive. Hmmmm I dunno what our friend, Zam will say now. Maybe he himself is confuse as his cabinet is not forgiving Namewee

Beside the above of course there are others which I'm not going to post it or I will be charged under our laws.

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