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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Goblok statement of the year

UMNO Not Racist? Joke of the century. The general election is definitely near. Please UMNO don’t fool us Malaysians. First, UMNO want to have NEP purported to raise their economic stature, then UMNO threaten to use the keris on us, Malaysians. Not once, now twice but many times in the last 30 years. We have been treated like trash and rubbish bin even though we called this country “Tanah Tumpahnya DarahKu”. Reading blogs by UMNOputras are just like reading ‘pro malay anti other race’ statements and comments. AND our dear school-boy otak belum matang new kid on the block can say that UMNO is not racist. He must be kidding. I call it a joke of the century. AND many times we heard from our stupid UMNO idiots calling the non Malays as PENUMPANG even though we have valid MyKad written ‘Kad Pengenalan Malaysia’. It is definitely a party that is full of lies and deceit.

Power sharing? I see it as power tussle between mighty UMNO (don't you touch my area) vs MCA-MIC-Gerakan-PPP-and other political parties (don't kacau our political master) except for clever PBB (stay out UMNO to Sarawak). Important Minister positions are never given to MCA-MIC and the other parties. I’m reminded by history where key important Minister positions are given to all race. Such as the position of Finance Minister to Tun Tan Siew Sin (for 15 years) and the first Governor of Malacca was Tun Leong Yew Koh. This is what I mean when one by power-sharing in Tunku Abdul Rahman's UMNO at that time. That was the UMNO that was not racist. Just because Ijok was given to a MIC candidate, Khairy says power sharing. That is stupidity of the highest grade. Please don’t fool us. We are Malaysians

----- Taken from the Star

Umno is not racist, says Khairy

KLANG: Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaludin has refuted allegations by the Opposition that the movement practises racism.

“I don’t understand how the accusation come about – calling us racist. In fact, Umno always emphasises on the power-sharing concept and history has proven it.

“Ijok is a good example, where an Indian candidate was nominated despite a Malay majority in the constituency. This had been repeated in many other constituencies.

“How can we be racist, when we are defending equality?” he asked after opening the Kapar Umno division youth delegates meeting here yesterday.

Khairy also said that Selangor did not need a comprehensive development blueprint from the Federal Government as it was already a well-developed state.

He said such development plans should be channelled to the less developed states such Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang.

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Maverick SM said...

Who else is the racist except for UMNO?