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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Muhammad Taib again.... a disgrace for Malaysia

Reading what Information Chief of UMNO, Muhammad x2 Taib talking is liken as a cry baby crying for milk. Calling bloggers coward? I don't think so. The cowards are none other then members of the ruling party especially UMNO who uses the law and play above it. Very unkind and unfair but it is always true. AND when you challenge them, they cry 'Ketuanan Melayu' and 'Penumpang'. That happened to me not once but many times. I'm a citizen but that is how I'm treated.

My opinion whosoever cling in UMNO are more coward then anybody else. People in UMNO can do everything, behave like gangsters and still above the law. I remember seeing in the net KJ not wearing a helmet riding a motorcycle definitely breaching rules pertaining to the Road Transport Act. Hisham and gang during UMNO general assembly calling for the keris to be used, is clearly seditious that is wrong in law. The blogs by UMNO calling Christian worshipping false God is definitely going against the Printing Presses & Publication Act. AND same goes a comment made in the Prime Minister's website calling the the unity of the Chinese race in Malaysia to challenge the Malays. That is more wrong than blogs written by members of Blog United. What happen? Have they all being prosecuted? Have they being investigated by police even though police reports were lodged? MY ANSWERS : NEGATIVE.

I call upon the Prime Minister who is the Home Affair Minister to do likewise to reflect JUSTICE, INTEGRITY, and RIGHTEOUSNESS. This is Malaysia and we are 50th years old free from tyranny and free from foreign powers. Malaysia must be free from corruption and that the long arms of the law must be dealt for those that breach the law.

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