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Monday, August 20, 2007

Talk KOK

Hmmmm... another talking rubbish. And I thought they have always said that the chinese here are second class citizen. Mr Ong, tell that to your UMNO friends lah

Ong: Chinese not second-class citizens

KUALA LUMPUR: The Chinese community should not see themselves as “second class citizens” just because of extremist views by certain quarters, said MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.

“These statements are not from the Government’s decision-makers. Our rights are enshrined in the Federal Constitution, and we are Rakyat Malaysia,” he said in his winding-up speech.

Ong also hit out at the DAP, saying the opposition party was only out to seek publicity with no intention of obtaining a solution.

He said the MCA could not behave like the DAP because the community or those involved would suffer because the problem was not solved.

“If we only need to talk with no delivery like the DAP, every one on the stage here can talk or debate much better than the opposition party.

“Opposition parties only know how to talk and criticise but have done nothing to resolve matters for the benefit of the people. In comparison, the MCA has greatly contributed to the country and its people since it was formed 58 years ago,” he said.

By involving MCA representatives at all levels of government, Ong said the party had been able to contribute effectively in the development of the country to improve the people’s standard of living and economic prosperity.

“The achievements of the MCA should not be measured by how many statements it has made but should be assessed by how many problems it has resolved from within, how effective it has been in its contribution towards the implementation of projects that have benefited the people and the role it has played within the Government to ensure that administrative policies are just to all communities,” he said.

He said the MCA leaders and members should not feel discouraged or demoralised when the Chinese community criticised the party.

“The only reason they criticise the party is because they care and love the MCA,” he added.


carboncopy said...

MCA, you are only the running dog.

I have a specific question for Mr Hon, the Deputy Minister of Education.

"What happened to the money you promised MGS1 Malacca 2 years ago?"

Talk is cheap especially in front of NTV7 with kids having classes in the hall because their roof collapsed as your backdrop. "Worthy cause?" Still remember?

Desmond Ho said...

biasalah, kan sandiwara kings they all...after this shake hands and hold hand up together with K Jew