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Monday, August 6, 2007

His say

His Highnesses spoke again. This time he cautioned the use of religion and race for political gain by some quarters. He felt that leaders who are earnest in maintaining unity, must NEVER resort to religious or ethnic posturing so as to advance their political career at the expense of peace and security. Leaders of multi racial and multi religion must be held accountable and answerable before the law and as such he further outline three requisites for nation building.

(i) Good governance and a thriving civil society in which the institutions of governance must demonstrate and generate norms and behaviours that are fundamentally efficient, productive and just. He further state that, “Only those who are capable, responsible and scrupulously honest should be allowed to serve in positions of leadership. Those who are inefficient, incompetent and most importantly, corrupt, should be held in absolute contempt”.

(ii) Rule of law and the inviolability of the constitution in which the Constitution is the nation's supreme law that guarantees fundamental liberties to every citizen where it provides "checks and balances" against abuses through the separation of powers between the executive, legislature and the judiciary. He also felt that over the years there rise misunderstanding which must be avoided.

(iii) Economic and social justice for all, where he felt that all groups in society regardless of their ethnicities, religion and gender MUST participate in decision-making that affect their lives and livelihood. This is indeed true where all Malaysians must play an active role in nation building. There must be voice in all sectors. We are stakeholders of this country and as such the responsibility is on us to play that role.

His Highnesses also warned that if Malaysia is not watchful and in the absence of a strong national identity, the country will be led into polarisation and competition along ethno-religious lines.

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