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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Up Close and Personal with Afamosa

It was a short holiday to celebrate my 5th Wedding Anniversary at Afamosa. The trip was not planned earlier, so it was a long shot but I manage to get a room. I did not just bring my wife but my son and mom. So it's a family trip. Does my wife mind? Nah, she was just perfect, no complaints, she just follow-lah. I was thinking of Sunway Lagoon as I have only being there once moons ago but my wife was thinking why must we go so far (120km from the tol), what about Afamosa (10km from our house)? And so the trip begin.

I did a yahoo search and found the Afamosa's website and called the number stated. As such I book a package of RM115.00 per person which includes a nite stay, entrance fee for the night's carnival (some cowboy town), breakfast for all and the entrance fee for safari. Happily I booked for three adults.

On the same day my wife and I went to the office and I immediately IM Daniel Seah (my bro in Kay'L', some called Kay Hell) and he immediately told me 'dun hav high expectation'. OK... I kept my finger cross, hopefully it would be something to remember.

We check in at 5.30pm in Beverly Hills Condominium. They gave us a family suit (there was a tiff earlier where they accidentally booked a three rooms apartment...what the tooooot) (Book Rating 0 star) of two queen size bed. Wife took shower then and after rush to the carnival at 8.00pm. (Room Rating 3 star)

The Carnival started with a 'bang' where there were some cowboys horse riding chasing a red- indian on the horse. And then later there was a scene of red indian dance playing with fire, clowns walking on stilt, elephants dancing, parading of colourful lights, Chimpanzee and Orang Utan doing their stunts, dogs with tricks, European-Asean girls dancing and doing gymnast, Cowboys and Cowgirls dancing, Malay traditional dances, Chicken and ducks walking, Clowns and Mascots etc etc (Carnival Rating for First timer 4 star) and finished with a two minutes or so fireworks display (Rating of Fire Works 4 star). In between we had coke and junk food that cost like a bomb.

We slept like a log thereafter.

Got up about 7.30am and went to breakfast by the pool at about 9am. The breakfast was ala-carte and the nasi lemak is like ....... (Rating on breakfast 0 star). Went back to the condo to prepare to check out and drive to the Safari World. Carpark entrance fee is RM3.00 (mind you here everything have to pay, nothing is free). In the safari world there are two i.e. the safari park and the water world. We only had entrance for the safari, so no complaints.

In the safari world we went to the first event at 10am, the elephant show. Here we see the elephants dance, playing basketball, doing penalty kicks, massaging an audience, and of course we manage to take some photos on it (Rating 4 star). Second event, multi animal show, nothing much there except that the monkeys doing their tricks (Rating 2 star). The Third event was really good, the bird show. Birds cycling, doing mathematics, playing basketballl, mtalking and singing, flying according to the trainers, a white hawk flying just above our head, it was a good experience (Rating 5 star) and the final event we have the wild west show, some stunts and clowning by the performers, it was ok-lah (rating 3 star).

In between shows we had the opportunity to go for a short safari tour of about half an hour to see cows and buffolos, sang kancil, and dees, crocodiles, bear, lions and tigers, that excite little Paul. It was an experience for all of us (Rating 4 star). It was a tiring but enjoying time together as a family.

Besides the above excitements there are many other activities provided by the resort besides the usual golfing. There is paintball, microlight flying, go-kart, fishing, camping, renting bungalows for family outing, conference facility, equestrian, water world, safari, some fun fairs, restaurants (pretty expensive). For blogees, I append the map below for easy reference.

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