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Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Crap

From heaven to hell, figuratively, of course. I attended my church convention for three days starting on 20th August in Port Dickson. It was definitely a good break, free from current news and the internet and at the same time put my phone on silence mode. The theme, “Thy Will Be Done” was an apt theme as we celebrate the 50th birthday of our country, Malaysia. Let God’s will be done on earth. And so we prayed for our country.

After all the prayers showered to my country, I came back instead of being charged I became all the more sad seeing the country run by amateurs who think they are professionals. Take the Chief Justice for example, talking crap here and there, prominently defending his notorious judges who because of them, justice was not only delayed but was not seen to be done especially for those in death row. For nine years sitting in jail without knowing what hit them. Now what happen, if they are innocent? This is something we all must think about it.

After the Chief Justice, you have the former AG who now sits as Chairman of Suhakam (our kononlah Human Right Commission toothless tiger) talks more crap. It was blab la bla bla bla and says “I have no regrets”. After all the shit he has done and yet he can have the cheek to say without any remorse, “I have no regrets”. Maybe he should just confess and tell all Malaysians what he has done as AG in the 1988 judicial crisis and the sex scandal implicating a former MIC VP. Now as head of Suhakam, his action is tainted with loads of controversies and scandals. How can I trust Suhakam for protecting my rights.

Then you have the ‘Negarakuku’ saga between the weak idiots of MCA versus the mighty political master of UMNO. First the MCA came in as a hero trying to be a saviour to ‘Namewee’ and then ‘Namewee’ apologises publicly. For a short period it seems like everybody was happy with the apology and you have pak turut Mr Zam saying since he apologise lets ‘kiss and make up’. That was short lifted when the Cabinets says, “We accept his apology but he will be dealt with by the law.” And of course the law of seditions seems to be a looming after the 50th Merdeka celebration. No Forgiveness and Mercy. What about 50th Merdeka that talks about a year of Jubilee? A year of freedom and forgiveness.

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