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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Manchester United versus Inter Milan, not at Old Trafford or Stadio Giuseppe Meazza but at none other than Stadium Hang Jebat, Malacca. Yes it was true they were playing in our turf. Just amazing watching the likes of Rooney and Ronaldo versus Figo and Julio Cruz. Unfortunately it was dreammmmmmm, dream dream dream (2x). Acah aje… it was the Youth Championship Title held in Malaysia. Unfortunately the red-devils lost to Nerazzurri 1-2. The Red Devils were leading 1-0 during half time but lost in what we call a match which normal players like you and I can actually play. They played like our senior National Team. But whatever it is I believe they will outbeat them.

Coming back to our Malaysian Team. We are known as Jagoh Kampong (Kampong Champions). No more standing in the likes of Mokhtar Dahari, Soh Chin Aun or Santokh Singh. We play like pondan running around chasing balls but we don’t kick them, we just ‘remmmmmmbat’. Matches played by our National squad is always a disgrace. Meaning not that we draw but lose badly. Average score is like 3-0. That is in a nutshell the Malaysian team.

I can’t help it but to bring in the article in the Star today where our Prime Minister gave an illustration of our footballers falling from grace. He mentioned also that we used to beat the Japanese and the Koreans but now we got whacked ourselves by our neighbours Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. Applying this to our country we are almost the same. Services and Products are getting bad to worst. And that includes our Prosecutions as well. Hearing such embarrassment from members of the judiciary of such unprepared our POs and DPPs. This is so unfortunate.

Not only just that but we hear of corruptions at everywhere and anywhere. The power of the money and the power of gifts, wasting unnecessary public funds you and I give through our taxes. Moneys spend by our local councillors for travels purported to be educational but then probably learning the wrong things. Like going to China learning how the Beijing runs the Olympics in 2008. I just can’t rationale what is this got to do with local councilors obligation and recently trips going to somewhere out there learning to plant hibiscus. What a crap?

Then you have the controversy or rather scandal of the RM4.6b Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) where it was reported in the Sun, that Jafza (Jebel Ali Free Zone) pulled out of the PKFZ deal because of political interference, bureaucracy and breaches of the management agreement signed between Jafza and the Port Klang Authority (PKA). My guess is, not only the Minister of Transport will have to be queried. BUT every damn big shot at every damn level will have to be accountable and take responsibilities. If they are wrong, they got to be booked. No favouritsm. The Prime Minister will be answerable to the Rakyat. Too much big scandal in small Malaysia.

Instead of becoming world beaters we became lame ducks always on target for others to shoot us. We have become a joke of the land. The greatest joke...MALAYSIA BOLEH

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