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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dare to Dream.....the Advocate's definition

Dreams are often impossible and are outside of the control of the dreamer. I was reminded by the story in the Bible of the character Joseph. He is after all a dreamer of sought. God gave him dream of which he himself finds it difficult to understand until he face the wrath of his brothers who plotted to kill him. But nevertheless, he was sold as a slave to an Egyptian master. That was not all, he was falsely accused by his master's wife and was subsequently sentence to imprisonment. In prison he was then asked to interpret two dreams and both dreams was later found to be accurate. Later in his life, God vindicated him and he rose to be second in command in the whole of Egypt because he has interpreted an important dream of Pharaoh that will decide the cause of his country. Thus saving Egypt and the neighbouring nations from the greatest famine that lasted 7 years. All because he dared to dream and interpret the dreams according to His Words.

My dream is to see the creation of Bangsa Malaysia. The Malaysian race only dominated by Malaysian regardless of race, religion and culture. A race that is progressive and wanting only success. It would be a race that we can all be proud of. Name a Malaysian invention, all of us will be proud of. It is a true "Malaysia Boleh" in a Malaysian Spirit. We are not divided by race or religion BUT only a division of ideology and politics just to see Malaysia succeed. A united Malaysia will be an ultimate dream come true.

My dream will also see a true blue Malaysian boy mixing with all races without suspicious mind. In all equality, I hold the Christian view that the Bible teaches the fundamental equality of men and women of all racial and ethnic groups, all economic classes, and all age groups, based on the teachings and example of Jesus Christ and the overarching principles of scripture as articulated in Galatian 3:28. While the Bible are subject to various interpretations, I believe that:
  • there should be no gender distinction in roles of men and women in the function or leadership of the church, to include ordination of women, or in society in general and
  • that in marriage the wife and husband not only are created equal as female and male, but there is no biblically-prescribed hierarchy giving the husband any authority over the wife.
  • Ultimately, it holds that all human are equal in fundamental worth or moral status as God loves all human beings equally, regardless of their individual differences in race, gender, status and position.
As such equality in all form would be a hope and a dream come true for a better Malaysia.

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