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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Samy crap talk

I find it difficult to believe reading the Star today with the titled "MIC welcomes Abdullah's rebuttal to allegations". I almost choked with disbelief and laughing out loud when it was reported that that the BN government has helped the Indian community and that the party thanked the PM for giving the true picture that Barisan Nasional had always assisted the Indian community to advance economically and socially.

Samy also went on record and said any fair-minded person could acknowledge the many achievements of the Indian community in economics, religion, education and social aspects. Hmmm I beg to differ with his so-called views. Maybe he should go down to the roots to look at the community whether what he say is correct.

Well it's true on the one hand that thousands of temple were constructed or rebulit and on the other hand there are many other temples that have been demolished. There was a case recently I was involved where the local council acting like Little Napoleon charging through with their bull dozer without considering the religious sentiment of the devotees. The demolition was immediate without taking into account the priest's plea for time to take the deities away. What a shame. Samy is damn wrong on saying what he said in the report.

Samy, please look at your own community in the estates and tell me whether is there anything done in improving their economic stature. I have been going in and out of the estates for the past ten years and found nothing was done to help them. Simply said the richer gets richer and the poorer gets poorer. Look at crimes among the Indian community and look at the Simpang Rengam detention centre, completely out of proportion with the population ratio in the country. AND he says he and the government helped the community

The Indian community is not a big community among the three major races in the country and yet the poverty rate among them is high. I must remind Samy during the Ijok By election in response to Anwar who said “They live in fear of thugs and their overlord minister. The Indians are treated as third class, not by us but by you." And Samy gladly reply, “I have copies of letters I sent to him seeking assistance (for estate workers when Anwar was deputy prime minister), but he did not lift a finger to help.” Hmmm that means after nine years Anwar was sacked, the community is still marginalised.

Put it this way, the government (whether during Anwar's time or not) have failed to lift up the economic and social expectation of the Indian community. Don't point the fingers to others but please Samy. please check your heart to see whether what I say is true.

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