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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Wor Pu Huey Ming Pai Ni Chang Se Mok (I dun understand what th' hell you are talking?)

Reading PM's Bernama Post make me all the more confuse. The title in Bernama, "Malaysia not a secular or theocratic State, says Abdullah" literally trying to understand what is he talking about. Looks like Najib the Deputy PM and himself have conflicting views as to what system of government Malaysia is. DPM says it's Islamic State, whereas PM is saying it's not theocratic state like Iran and Pakistan and at the same time not a secular state. It Parliamentary Democracy. Well to a certain extent what he says is correct but in reading in between the lines, I think the PM himself is confuse. Why can't he just say Malaysia is a secular state base on the Social Contract and the Malaysia Agreement where Islam is the official religion of the country thus making Malaysia an Islamic country. Is that not so difficult.

To emphasize 'Islamic state' would mean to establish a legal system base on Islam. The concept of the state can be distinguished from two related concepts with which it is sometimes confused: the concept of a form of government or regime, such as democracy or dictatorship, and the concept of a political system. So base on that, PM is I would say unsure as to what it is. AND that makes us all the more very confused.

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