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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

People Power (Part 2)

Just yesterday I post about the importance of getting the Rakyat to be involved in decision making as we are stakeholders of this nation. We have seen many laws passed which resulted in unfairness at great length. Our Constitution has been amended 42 times within the space of 49 years. Sad but its true. Our Constitution has been diluted and raped in such a way to a certain extent without the consent by the people. Our Wakil Rakyat to a certain extent betray our trust as guardians of the constitution.

As such why not a proposal that let the powers be given back to the people. There is a need to see the people getting involved with policy and decision making in this country that affect us all. Now is the time let the people decide and then only the PM can say that he is the First Civil Servant.

I'm glad to hear the brilliant words of Raja Nazrin recently on good governance as the citizens are more educated and equipped. The government cannot lie to us any more and treating us like kids. I quote what His highness remarked, "They demand a progressive and representative form of government. They want to be part of decision-making that affects their lives and livelihood." He also noted that society today was more interested in achieving results than merely obeying the rules.

Having said that, I'm of the opinion that the people wants a governments that is approachable and consultative, some sort of an open government whereby the views of the people are noted. The Rakyat do not wish to be told all the time what they can do or can't do. The Rakyat wants a progressive government that will take into account the voice of the people. This is in fact a true democracy. All voice MUST be heard and that includes the voice from the Opposition and the Non Governmental Organisation.

I must also make mention a special remarked he made is this, I quote, "While public officials should be accorded sufficient power to deliver good governance, there must be effective restraints on the arbitrary exercise of that power so that the general interest and not special interests are served." I must applaud for his openness and frankness and this must be make known to our current government.

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